To clear the air … I offer: Tidal energy, as distinct from wind, is regular. There are many test rigs, some working, some occasionally totally destroyed by Nature’s whims, called “Ducks”, generally or simply tidal turbines. I read a piece yesterday on Funday Bay tides with its 100 billion tonnes sea water moving in/out every 6 hours and the current plans to anchor some tubines in this huge flow.

Far simpler, it would seem to me is to follow the thinking of the tank or barge that fills and empties and drives a turbine. Here is an example in a US patent claim – QUOTE

Archimedes power generator United States Patent Application 20070108774

Abstract: The Archimedes Power Generator is a process designed to produce electric power from rising and falling water levels of the ocean due to tidal motion. The generator is composed of a barge enclosed within a containment area that has holes built into the containment walls allowing the barge to rise and fall in unison with the tides. On the top of the barge is a turbine, or series of turbines. Each turbine is connected to a toothed shaft that is installed through the barge (using seals to keep out water) and solidly attached to the bottom of the containment area. The toothed shaft is linked to a toothed gear on the turbine so that as the barge rises and falls, the armature of the turbine spins, creating the potential for the production of electricity. END QUOTE

Rivers (the hydro electric world) have been almost entirely exploited – nowhere in Europe could we place a new dam of any useeable size. Tides are an yet largely unexploited, and if energy (the principle) is all the higher as density of the moving matter increases, then water moving outstrips and wind or even solar flux, where it is the square meters needed that “cost”.

Lord Kelvin even came up with an ingenious idea – with a wire across the Clyde estuary (salt-water) thus having a “natural” earth-magnetism generator, that ran for a few years ..

Does this provide food for thought?

Alan in Paris

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